About Us

Ladder 2 Rise
Ladder 2 Rise is a bridge and connector. By joining hands with community and corporate partners, guardians and all support personnel in a youth’s support system, we Lift, Inspire, Fuel and Empower our youth to soar towards their greatest potential.  Our program centers the importance and power of individual human capacity, and hones in on the incredible outcomes we can realize from our youth who may come with beautifully interwoven narratives and intersectional identities. With a pivotal focus to Diversity,
Equity and Inclusion, Ladder 2 Rise amplifies the strengths and voices of youth who leverage their incredible strengths, rich histories, diversity of thought and resiliency to bolster the communities we live, work and serve, making us collectively better than we were yesterday. At Ladder 2 Rise we believe that our youth are the gateway to a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive world where we are each Acknowledged, Celebrated and Empowered in all we do and who we are.
“In My Dreams, Every Youth Wakes Up Excited To Conquer A World Of Possibility Irrespective Of Their Beautifully Interwoven Identities. Ladder 2 Rise Is About Community, It Is About Each Of Us And The Roles And Responsibility We Each Have To Create An Inclusive, Equitable And Kind World So That Our Youth Realize It Is No Longer A Dream But Their Much Deserved Reality”.
Ruth Nyaamine – Founder Of Ladder 2 Rise
Program Impact Categories
Providing our youth with early guidance, exposure to industries and careers, and an opportunity to build up their network from the word “go”.
Stewarding our youth through mentorship, on an ongoing basis or as required, to serve as a bridge into the workforce.
Creating access bridges for all youth including connections to internships, summer placements, and experiential learning.