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LADDER 2 RISE Program Terms and Conditions

Welcome to LADDER 2 RISE, a connected community focused on removing barriers for all youth to succeed.  When youth are lifted, empowered and fueled – we all RISE.  The program is intended to provide experiential learning experiences, in addition to identifying and supporting youth gain meaningful entry points into the next phases of their career and life.  

As a participant, guardian, corporate sponsor, wellbeing agency or school, your participation in the Ladder 2 Rise program (“the Program”), including but not limited to the Take a Youth to Work Day event, mentorship activities, and use of is completely voluntary.  Participation in the Program should be done after a full review of its benefits, as well as a view of all possible risks in your participation. 

As a Youth and/ or Guardian

Your and/or your youth’s compliance to programming guidelines is a critical component of participation.  It is imperative to complete all liability waiver information which outlines the corporate sponsor’s confidentiality requirements for both in-person and virtual participation.  Further, it is of importance that you follow and adhere to all health and safety guidelines as set out by the Program and/ or corporate sponsors to ensure your personal welfare alongside the welfare of all attendees of both virtual and in-person events and activities.  Confirmation of the youth’s participation is conditional upon completion of all requirements and the Program reserves the right to remove youth in the absence of requirements completion.  Failure to adhere to programming guidelines can lead to withdrawal of the youth’s registration or participation.  As a guardian and/ or participant, you provide consent for the usage of photographs of youth, testimonials or other materials captured during both virtual and/ or in-person for program promotion, with the intention of program expansion to ensure we can reach more youth. 

As a Wellbeing Agency and/ or School

Your participation and adherence to liability requirements is of critical importance to your participation in the Program.  Prior to attendance for any event or activity initiated by the Program, you must provide and assume liability waiver for all attendees/ youth from your organization, including but not limited to case workers, youth, and any other personnel directly or indirectly involved in youth’s participation in the Program.  Further, you must release the Program and all affiliates and partners of any liability that may arise as a result of their direct participation in the program, both virtually and/ or in-person.  The Program does not directly endorse any organization or community partner within the programming options for youth.  All agencies, youth and guardians are required to review the program guidelines for clarity of expectations to ensure a valuable experience for all participants. 

As a Corporate Sponsor

As a corporate sponsor, your commitment and follow-through of the Program sponsorship are key components in our ability to provide service offerings to youth.  We seek your partnership to continually review programming content to ensure compliance to child wellbeing and vulnerable sector requirements.  We seek your partnership to ensure successful vetting, monitoring and oversight of all youth in your domain at all stages of programming, to include supervision of both virtual and in-person events or activities.  Any and all usage of photographs of youth within the Program must be reviewed and approved by LADDER 2 RISE Admin personnel prior to usage in any form.  As a corporate sponsor, you agree to assume all risks associated with the provision of services to youth connected to your organization from LADDER 2 RISE.  All efforts have been made by the Program to ensure compliance, integrity (legally and otherwise) for all youth participants.