LADDER 2 RISE is the bridge that connects all youth, providing a view into the window of the possible. The program amplifies the importance of community, partnership and unity to Lift, Empower and Fuel the youth of tomorrow. Through Defined programming, we aim to ignite and inspire through exposure to varied employment sectors, expanding youth reach to industry experts across a full ecosystem, with emphasis on diversity of thought as a guiding framework to identified mentors. Lastly through established pathways of access for youth, LADDER 2 RISE aims to close the experience gap for marginalized youth through access to key internships, co-op and or summer opportunities- enabling youth to gain hands on experience across varied industries and thereby serving as a ladder to their next steps.

Through established partnerships and interlock from Child welfare agencies, schools, mentor and corporate sponsors, LADDER 2 RISE serves as the bridge, removing barriers to ensure all youth can truly RISE and SOAR to their highest potential.

LADDER 2 RISE aims to close the gap for all youth irrespective of socio-economic, family status, gender or due to any other categories of marginalization or exclusion. We are a connector of the key players to include community, guardians, child welfare agencies, educators, and corporations – with our youth as our central focal point.

The Support Wheel

Key Pillars:

LIFT & INSPIRE:  PILLAR #1: Lifting and Inspiring youth to see the possible  

  • Take a youth to work day – Annual
  • Exposure to all the possibilities across various industries and sectors
  • Early guidance on life skills (Resume, bursaries, financial management) 
  • Exposure for youth across various industries
  • Opportunity to begin to build their network, gain insights and tools to enable their early career exploration
  • Aimed at inspiring all youth to dream bigger and aspire for more, irrespective of their social narrative.

EMPOWER & SOAR: PILLAR #2 Creating a bridge and facilitating access

  • Creating Access and bridge to the next steps for all youth
  • Connection to Internships, co-op, summer placement across various sectors and industries
  • Providing experiential learning and bridging the experience gap
  • Building diversity of thought with diverse youth funnel of talent and expertise

FUEL & NOURRISH: PILLAR #3 Fueling and nourishing our youth with guidance, resources and network

  • Mentorship – continuous – ongoing and as required by Youth, child welfare agency/school
  • Access to mentors across various industries, sectors
  • Connect to mentor’s network, leverage mentor’s network as a bridge